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I will miss you, Xuan

Reading < Maybe you should talk to someone>

Growing up, I never was a fan of reading. 2 years in PoD and working on the thesis made me realize how bad I was (am) at writing, in both English or Chinese. Having a bit more time after master school, I wanted to pick up this habit. Writing some thoughts along the way was the initial idea for blog posting. While mentally preparing, more ideas popped in; maybe one of the series can be creating a manga, like the thoughts, scrips, setting, and eventually the manga itself.

So here we go, my first blog post.

Read the chapter about Julia today, a patient who is dying.

Lior and Julia were talking about the things Julia would be missing knowing herself is leaving soon.

While reading of Julia said that she would miss herself. I realized I never thought about this, that I would miss myself.

Talking about death, some of my friends ( and myself from 3years ago,) thought “oh no! I cannot die, I have so many things that haven’t been done, so many things to accomplish, and I have my family left behind.”

What do I think of death now? I would shrug and say, When I die, I won’t feel anything. What’s the point of worrying about the things you won’t even know by the time it arrives.

Well, I still hold the same POV. However, I can’t stop thinking that I would miss me, this girl who I have been with for my whole life. I would miss all the great people I have met along the way. I would miss all the laughs and all the tears. I would miss all the experiences I have been through. And I would be grateful for everything.

“ I will miss you, Xuan, my girl. I love you.”

- 2020/2/26


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