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#20/100UIChallenges - Tracker

This idea was from my dear friend Rhea Bhandari from PoD, School of Visual Arts. We were brainstorming app ideas for each other's thesis. My thesis titled Queer China, which is looking at the tension between Chinese queer youth and their family.

During the research, I learned that only 5% of queer would love to come out to their family. This app is designed for the rest 95%, so that they can avoid "being out" by running into their relatives when they are dating( in a small town.)

Rhea's speculative idea is so fun, "ridiculous“( in a good way, don't take me wrong), and helpless. When I shared this mockup in WeChat's moment, people actually was asking me: where can I get this app, I need it. Leave aside the data security issue, and how to track your relative's location. it's just sad to hear there's a need for this app.



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