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#18/100UIchallenges - Messager

Found an interesting product feature in a Lesbian Social App(Rela), Pretending Couple.

Basically, it matches users with a stranger and they can talk to each other within a 5mins. The user can choose to leave anytime. If the user wants to keep talking to this stranger, they have to wait till the end of the 5 mins slot.

I love this feature. The random matching feature adding some excitement, mystery. No stress for the user to reaching out, you can "run away" anytime you want or need - which gives lesbians more mental space and security. (just my own opinion, I'm going to ask other users how they feel about this product)

Thoughts on the redesign:

UI Wise

  • I adjust the white header and footer to make it looks like part of the native App. Maybe it looks like that is because it's a beta or a third-party-designed feature. Except that, I think it's a well-designed interface.

UX Wise

  • Both left arrow and cross button service the same function, so I just kept one of them.

  • "Match in the same city" switch doesn’t change anything for this specific match/message. I guess it will match me with a stranger in a same city for the next round. I think it should be outside this massager, maybe a former step. (Since this is a UI challenge, I'm not going to dive into the UX flow this time. ) Also, there is a lot of info on the top for the user to digest: the timer, the switch, the ice breaker hint, note, and messages from another person. I get rid of it to make the UXUI more clean and intuitive.

  • I love the quick emoji message - if it's related to the ice breaker would be better.


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