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#16/100UIchallenges - Pop-Up

Some thoughts:

Optimize icon and layout

  • Give it a modern vibe, make the fits better to the rest icon system;

  • Enlarge the line-height and padding between section - create visual balance and have more space to breath;

  • Enlarge font size for better readability and more room to breath;

  • Build brand trust with well-designed visual and UI;

  • Break between introducing and Account, to make sure Account Certification on one line (It's a product name, in my mind it should be together);

  • The CTA's place is easy for users to tab so I didn't change too much.

Optimize the copy content

  • Emphasize a sense of community: similar to how we encourage people to have a mask on during the pandemic: "You are doing it not just to protect yourself, you are protecting the community"

  • CTA wording: Verify your account NOW;

  • Emoji: Add some personality to HER branding tone.


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