GLARE: Urban Longboard Skateboard with Safety "Uplight"


Design research / Product design / Branding Design


Glare is a longboard skateboard brand designed for the urban commuter. The core technology is the Uplight—a long-wavelength beam of light projected upward onto the rider which increases nighttime visibility and thereby reduces the risk of collision with cars.

My role

Project manager: Moved the project forward and conceive the final presentation 

Branding: Developed and designed branding guidelines, elements, and applications

Product design: Built 3D models and created renderings


MFA Products of Design

School of Visual Arts

Fall 2018


Revolutionize the daily commute for urban creative professionals

Glare is a family of longboard products designed to increase nighttime visibility and safety of longboard riders in an urban setting.


We’re built for safety, simplicity, and style.

Glare is an edgy but inclusive longboard brand born in the city and built for the urban adventurer. It highlights the mystery of a cityscape at night and the fun of traversing the metropolitan landscape atop a glowing, uplit Glare board. Its monochromatic, angular aesthetic makes a deliberate clean break from the west-coast, beach town aesthetic typified by most longboarding brands. This is done since Glare is intended for a completely different context and for a much different audience.

Glare was expressed as a family of different uplit longboards for different riding applications in an urban commuting context. Our brand comes complete with audience-appropriate merchandise and a targeted marketing message: “Light up your commute.”


We envision the uplight indicating more than just a rider’s presence. “The light will indicate when the rider is slowing down—acting like a breaklight by flashing. (The board will be able to recognize that it is slowing down through an accelerometer.) Finally, we understand that the Uplight is useless if the light is not always on. For this reason, we imagine later iterations might be integrated with electric skateboards for longer battery life, and be equipped with pressure sensors mounted beneath the grip tape so that the Uplight automatically switched on whenever it felt a rider’s weight atop it.”

Video made by Xuan

Video made by Xuan

Branding guideline