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We are here with you


Product design / Design research



MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts
Thesis work, Guidance from Allan Chochinov and Brent Arnold
Fall 2018

We Are Here With You is a community-based platform designed for Chinese Queer People’s parents, where they can seek and offer help, connect to peers within the community, share their stories and attend in-app support group meetings. Connecting with the community makes CQY’s parents feel less lonely, isolated and judged. Because other community members can serve as role models, their stories can become the inspiration for parents’ own strategy.


Users can access reliable and informative resources, including LGBTQ articles, books and movies. The authentic knowledge base and representation across various media normalize the concept of LGBTQ and remove the stigma. 


​Role / Responsibility 

Owner, Researcher, Designer

It was part of my thesis, everything is done by myself. 


While I was researching for my thesis, I attended an Asian Queer Family Support Group hosted by NYC PFlag.


What I learned from the meeting was that many parents of the LGBTQ population are undergoing a grieving process. They often experience denial, anger, depression, and bargaining. The process is rarely linear. Parents have never been in this situation before; they are vulnerable, overwhelmed and lost. A community is a great resource where they can seek support and help. In China, very few organizations are facilitating online group chats for queer parents to support each other. Unfortunately, the ones that are facilitating these chats are not easy to find, and the groups can be exclusive. Meanwhile, some parents of CQY don't feel comfortable exposing themselves to seek support from the community. Seeing an opportunity to create an inclusive, safe and welcoming place for CQY’s parents, I started designing this app. 

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Target Audience Analyze

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Key User Persona 

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User Journey  

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User Flow Diagram   

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1st Version UI Design

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2nd Version UI Design

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