Explaste lets young people get the first-hand experience of real jobs to help them make informed decisions about their future. The service has three main steps: memory collection, memory upload and an immersive VR experience.


Speculative design / Product design / UI & UX / Interaction Design


MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts
Fall 2017

User Flow

Memory Extract Pillow

The texture on the surface of pillow is millions of small acceptors. They record brain waves while you’re sleeping and upload your memory to a cloud database.

Full Immersion VR

Explaste's headset can directly interact with your brain. So you can see, touch and even feel the emotion of the memory in your head without any physical interaction with your body.

Mobile app

The app has three main functions: device management, personal memory management and career memory exploration.

My imagination of what would look like after you put on the helmet.