Queer China, Diminishing the tension between Chinese Queer Youth and their family


Design Research / Design for Social Values / UI UX Design / Service Design / Experience design / Industrial Design


Queer China - Diminishing the tension between Chinese Queer Youth and their Family is a year-long  MFA thesis explores the bias, challenges, and relationships within the LGBTQ community under the unique cultures and policies of China. I conducted and assembled cross-disciplinary research from adult development, sociology, and psychology, including 50+ first-hand interviews with subject matter experts, therapists, activists, and queer communities. I designed and developed a suite of offerings including services, digital platforms, physical products,  a public exhibition and a co-creation workshop to bring comfort, offer support, and facilitate conversations for CQY and their family.

MFA Products of Design

School of Visual Arts
Thesis work, Guidance from Allan Chochinov, Andrew Schloss, Jennifer Rittner, and the entire PoD Faculty
2018 - 2019


Thesis Presentation

Thesis Document Book

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Selected Projects Overview

100% Me

100% Me is a toolkit for Chinese Queer Youth who weren’t accepted when they came out to their families. The toolkit comes with a box, which includes guidance and props for CQY to communicate with their parents in the form of a letter. 


Writing a letter prevents the awkward silences and intense conflicts that might occur when people communicate face to face. It gives both sides space and time to digest information and handle their emotions. This toolkit structures the conversation into four sections: “My journey,” “Something about me,” “The future,” and “Concepts you may need to know about being LGBTQ.”

We Are Here W/U

We Are Here W/U is a community-based platform designed for Chinese Queer People’s parents, where they can seek and offer help, connect to peers within the community, share their stories and attend in-app support group meetings. Connecting with the community makes CQY’s parents feel less lonely, isolated and judged. Because other community members can serve as role models, their stories can become the inspiration for parents’ own strategy.

Queer China Earrings

These customized earrings give Chinese queer youth a tool to show pride, to protest and to also start dialogues. Similarly, allies can use these earrings to show their support for the LGBTQ community. The earrings offer a simple, subtle way to increase the visibility of the LGBTQ community in public space. 


Polaris is an online coaching service that helps Chinese Queer Youth come out to their parents, including practicing the hard conversation and analyzing how their parents might react to their coming out.