O-Care — Bubble toothpaste

Between the ages of 9 and 12, kids become bored with brushing their teeth. O-Care is [pack of colorful flavored toothpaste chews] designed to reengage kids in their oral care. O-Care uses the thrill of random chance to make the experience of brushing teeth more entertaining. Kids can pick one of the colorful "chews" from the box, but the chew’s color does not necessarily indicate its flavor. 


Design research / Product design / Package design


Yangying Ye & Benjamin Bartlett


MFA Products of Design
School of Visual Arts
Fall 2017



We interviewed several families to learn about their oral care habits. From there, we developed insights and “How might we” questions  to guide our creative process.

Full Immersion VR

User Journey

We conducted user research at several points in our design journey and identified several pain points, such as 'bored' and 'confusion.'


Around our HMW sentences, we brainstormed and prototyped several ideas

Field Test

We narrowed our scope of ideas to three and took them into the field to get user feedback and see how our target audience interacted with them.

Final Concept

Based on [input] we received from the field test, we combined two of our ideas into one, then prototyped it. From there, we developed a final model that hit on our key insights and user testing feedback.

Next Steps

If we were to take this project further, we would collaborate with a company with access and a loyal customer base that overlaps with our target audience. Our example of this collaboration is with Disney, as you can see the business canvas below.